About - Q&A

Hey everyone! I figured I should let you know a little bit about myself. My name is Kelsey and currently I am a freshman in college majoring in English. This is a place for me to review books and talk about things going on in the reading world. My favorite types of books to read and review are YA, but sometimes I dabble in other genres. I love everything from romance and mystery, to fantasy! I really look forward to talking with you guys and hope you enjoy the site!

How do you decide what to review?

Well there are quite a few scenarios that could play out. One is that I was just browsing looking for a book to read and it was something I felt like talking about. Second, it could be a book that a friend recommended to me or one that I had heard good things about. Third, it could be that someone personally asked me to review a book. (Look in "Contact" to find out how to do that) Lastly, it could be that an author asked me to review his or her book on the blog. No matter what the reason, I want you have the utmost confidence in the fact that I will try to choose great books!

What else is there besides reviews?

Glad you asked! Often I will post about new books coming out soon, or just things going on in the YA fiction world! Pretty much anything to do with books! Also there are giveaways, and everyone loves giveaways don't they? 

Approximately how long does it take for a review?

That varies depending on where we are in the year. If it is a time where school is in session, it can take probably a few weeks to review a book. During summer vacation though, the process is a lot speedier and can be done in a matter of days, sometimes overnight! It also depends on how many books I have at the moment that need reviewing, but if you want information about a specific book, don't hesitate to email me.