Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Haven by Kristi Cook

Hey you guys! So when thinking about what book I was going to do my first review on, I knew which one almost immediatley. That would be Kristi Cook's novel Haven.

Haven introduces us to an extraordinary girl name Violet Mckenna. Violet has a special ability, but it's something she has had to hide her whole life. Violet is psychic. The times Violet has tried to prevent her visions from coming true, never end well. No one believes her despite the evidence that has been shown. This is the reason she hides her gift. The one vision she wishes she could have stopped was the one of her fathers death. Violet has already lost a mother and now a father. The only thing she has left is a grandmother and her step mom. Her step mom isn't mean and she does care about Violet, it's just that she has a hard time showing it. After her father dies Violets step mother gets a new job and Violet is faced with a choice - she can either stay with her grandmother where there is really no room for her, or she can go to a boarding school. She chooses the latter. Violet doesn't know why, but she is somehow drawn to the Winterhaven school. She knows its the right place for her and doesn't even bother to look at any other boarding schools. When she gets to Winterhaven she finds out something that is life changing - she doesn't have to hide her gift anymore. As it turns out, everyone at the Winterhaven school has gifts. She is distracted though by the mysterious boy she meets, she has never connected with anyone the way she does with Aidan Gray and it takes her by surprise, but it turns out Aidan has a secret too. One that might destroy them both. As their relationship goes further, she starts to have visions of Aidan's death and she sees shes the one that is supposed to kill him. Violet has never been able to stop what she sees before it happens, but she swears if its the last thing she does, even if it means sacrificing herself, she will save the boy she loves.

Overall Haven is such an enticing read, its hard to put it down. It flows eloquently and is very descriptive which is why I have to give it 5/5 stars. I really like the twists and turns throughout the books. It gives you a feeling of desperation for everything to work out. Plus its always good when something happens that you didn't see coming whatsoever.  It's one of my favorite books by far! Also what's great is the sequel to Haven, which is called Mirage is coming out in June 2012. I am soooo excited for this! Haven is a great read and it leaves you wanting more.....

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