Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Rating Policy

So as promised, I am going to revise my rating system. Most blogs just tend to use the 5 star/point system, but upon reading a post on YAtopia about rating policies (, I realized that this is a bit flawed. Sometimes the story line of a book might not interest you so much, so you give it 3 stars, but the writing quality may be magnificant. This is unfortunate because the rating does not display that. So I have devised a new rating system that will help to be more specific.

My reviews will consist of two main categories: Content & Writing Quality. Then in addition to these, on each review I will add other categories unique to the review such as predictability, swoon factor, ect.
These categories will be rated individually on the 1-5 scale, so this is more of an adaption to the regular rating policy :)

Let's see how this rating process works out and if it fails, oh well, we'll go back to the old way :)

Happy reading!!!

Also I just stuck this adorable picture in because I felt like this post needed a picture!

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