Sunday, May 6, 2012

Giveaway Time!!

UPDATE: Contest is now over and I am proud to announce the winner is Kaitlin Sanders!!!! Check your email so I can send out your swag!!!

Hey guys! So it has been a few months since my last giveaway and I have noticed that I have started to accumulate a lot of amazing swag and thought, hey it would be great to share some of this with you guys since you are all so awesome!! So the swag that we have today includes, a signed bookmark for Haven by Kristi Cook & a "Team Aidan" black and red bracelet; a signed bookmark for Bloodspell by Amalie Howard; A signed postcard for The Hidden by Jessica Verday & very lovely pink bracelet with "The Hidden" on it; and last, but not least a bookmark for Sirenz (unsigned) by Charlotte Bennardo & Natalie Zaman with a cool matching pin.

This giveaway is INTERNATIONAL!!

To enter the contest just fill out the rafflecopter below!!

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  1. I love swag, thank you for the giveaway!